Earth and Planetary Science
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Graduate Students

Name / Contact Advisor / Education / Research
Sevan Adouriansevan.adourian@berkeley.edu225 McCone

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz

Education: MSci Geophysics (2017), Université Paris 7/École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Research Interests: Computational seismology, regional and global seismic tomography, seismic wave propagation, inverse problem

Manar Al

Advisor: Harriet Lau

Core and Mantle convection, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Planetary Evolution, Comparative Planetology 


Advisor: Jill Banfield, Jennifer Doudna


Advisor: Bethanie Edwards

Education: B.A. Marine Science, B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology (2021), UC Berkeley

Research Interests: Climate Change and Marine Conservation


Naomi Asimownasimow@berkeley.eduHildebrand B47

Urban air quality and CO2 source attribution

Advisor: Ronald Cohen


Alexander Brykbryk@berkeley.edu179 McCone

Advisor: Bill Dietrich
Research Interests: Geomorphology and Sedimentary Geology

Tyler Cadenatcadena@berkeley.edu269B McCone

Advisor: Michael Manga

Education: B.S. Geological Sciences: General Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests: Volcanology, storage and eruptive processes

Chen Li Weiliwei_chen@berkeley.edu225 McCone

Advisor:  Barbara Romanowicz

Education: MS 2014 (Geoscience) National Taiwan University; BSc 2012 (Earth Science) National Central University.
Research interests: Global seismology, tomography, ambient noise  


Rodrigo Chirodrigo.chi@berkeley.edu179 McCone Hall

Advisor: Bruce Buffett

Education: B.S. (2014), Electrical engineering, Universidad de Chile 

Research Interests: Geomagnetism, Tectonics



Advisor: Don DePaolo

William Daviswilliamjsdavis@berkeley.edu169 McCone Hall

Advisor: Bruce Buffett
Education: MSci. (2017), Geophysics, University College London
Research Interests: 


Julia DeMarines

Advisor: Imke de Pater

  • Assessing the Earth's technosignature and biosignature
  • The ethical issues involved in sending intentional messages with the intent to contact ET

Advisor: Hans-Rudolf Wenk

Education: B.S. Bates College

Research Interests: Mineralogy and mineral physics, large-scale earth processes

Rustin Domingos

Advisor: Burkhard Militzer

Claire Doodyclaired@berkeley.edu289 McCone

Adviser: Richard Allen

Education: B.S., Geophysical Sciences and B.A., East Asian Languages and Civilizations (2018), University of Chicago

Research Interests: Seismic Tomography, Subduction Zone Dynamics


Advisor: Ronald Cohen

Education: B.S. Physics (2010) Harvey Mudd College, M.A.T. (2012) Tufts University

Research Interest: Atmospheric Chemistry


Advisors: Nicholas Swanson-Hysell and Paul Renne

Education: MS 2019 (Geology) University of New Hampshire; BS (2016) UC Santa Barbara

Research Interests: Paleomagnetism, Geochronology, Mass Extinctions and Recovery


Tatiana Gamez181 McCone

Advisor: Bethanie Edwards

Research Interests: Metabolomics, harmful algal blooms, coastal monitoring/risk assessment, heavy metal biogeochemistry


Advisor: David Shuster

Research Interests: Applications of cosmogenic nuclides, the cryosphere, paleoclimate, low-temperature thermochronology


Advisor:  Richard Allen

Education:  B.S. 2020 (Geophysics) Nanjing University

Research interest:  Seismology


Advisor: Imke de Pater

Jiwoon Hwangjiwoon.hwang@berkeley.edu181 McCone

Advisor: Bethanie Edwards


Advisor: Jill Banfield


Research Interests:

Tanja Kovacevictanja_kovacevic@berkeley.edu269C McCone Hall

Planetary interiors, planetary formation, ab initio molecular dynamics, density functional theory simulations. 

Advisor: Burkhard Militzer


Advisor: David Romps

Yuexin Liyuexinli@berkeley.edu289 McCone

Earthquake Physics, Crustal deformation

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann

Education: BS 2017 (Geophysics), Peking University

Langlang Li

Advisors: Jillian Banfield and Benjamin Gilbert

Danielle Lindsaydanielle.lindsay@berkeley.edu179 McCone

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann

Education: BSc (Geology) and MSc (Geophysics) from Victoria Univeristy of Wellington, New Zealand

Research Interests: Active tectonics, Geodesy, Slow Earthquakes


Advisor: David Romps

Ankur Mahesh

Advisor: William Collins

Patcharaporn Maneeratpmaneera31@berkeley.edu225 McCone Hall

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Research Interests: Structural Geology and Active Tectonics
Education: BA 2017 Pitzer College - Majored Geology at Pomona College


Advisor: William Dietrich

Chris Moeckelchris.moeckel@berkeley.eduCampbell Hall 605N

Advisor: Imke de Pater

Atmospheric Science, Space Exploration, Instrument Development

Ned Molteremolter@berkeley.edu605G Campbell Hall

Extreme precipitation; cloud formation; climate change; statistical methods for extremes; planetary atmospheres; planetary rings; radiative transfer; atmospheric dynamics; photochemistry; interferometry

Advisers: Bill Collins, Imke de Pater


Advisor: Jill Banfield

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2018 B.S. Biology

 Research Interests: metagenomics, geomicrobiology



planetary magnetospheres, evolution, atmospheres, spacecraft data 

Advisor: Imke de Pater

Quentin Nicolasqnicolas@berkeley.edu183 McCone

Advisor: William Boos

Education: MS Applied Mathematics, 2019, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Research interests: Climate dynamics, Atmospheric convection, Orographic precipitation, Geodynamo

Sarina Patelsarina.patel@berkeley.edu225 McCone

Advisor: Richard Allen

Education: B.A. 2015 (Geology) Middlebury College

Research Interests: Seismology and earthquake hazards, Structural Health Monitoring, Seismicity-Volcano interactions, Applications for seismic data collected by smartphones (the MyShake project)


Advisor: Bethanie Edwards

Erin Redwingeredwing@berkeley.edu269 McCone

Advisor: Imke de Pater

Education: BS in Geosciences (2018) - The Pennsylvania State University

Research interests: Planetary science, astrobiology

Mara Reedmhreed@berkeley.edu181 McCone

Advisor: Michael Manga

Constraints on geyser eruption behaviour, hydrothermal systems broadly defined, and community science as an avenue for public engagement and better research.

Education: B.S. in Physics, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (2018)

Orlando Romeooromeo@berkeley.eduEPS355

Solar/Plasma Physics, Planetary Magnetic Fields, Atmospheric Science, Geophysics

Advisor: Michael Manga

Thomas J. Smarttsmart@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Advisor: Raymond Jeanloz
Research Interest: High Pressure Mineral Physics


Advisor: Michael Manga

Daniel Spearsspears.dp@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Advisor: Raymond Jeanloz

Education: B.S Chemistry, B.S Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Michigan State University

Research Interests: To study the behaviors of Synthetic Uranus up to 50 Gpa and at varying temperatures. The goal is for this information to benefit the ongoing research of Ice Giants and concuring shock experiments. 

Heng-Yi Suhengyi_su@berkeley.edu173 McCone

Advisor:  Barbara Romanowicz

Education: MS 2019 (Geophysics) National Central University; BSc 2018 (Earth Sciences) National Central University.
Research Interests: Seismology
Nathaniel Tarshish

Advisor: David Romps

Andrew Tholt

Advisor: Paul Renne

Research Interests: Geochronology, Paleomagnetism

Alex Thomas

Advisor: Jill Banfield

Andrew Turneracturner@berkeley.edu169 McCone

Advisors: Daniel Stolper and David Shuster

Education: BS 2017 (Chemistry) University of Florida

Research Interests: Isotope Geochemistry, Earth History, Thermochronometry, Methodology


Advisor: Jill Banfield

Mercedes Vasquezmmvasquez@berkeley.eduMcCone 255

High Pressure Physics; Planetary Interiors; Planetary Formation 


Jacob West-Roberts

Advisor: Jill Banfield


Research Interests:

Ziman Wuziman.wu@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Advisors:  Don DePaolo and Daniel Stolper

Education:  B.S. 2020 (Geology) Nanjing University

Jizhou Wuwjz8597@berkeley.edu355 McCone

Advisors: Burkhard Militzer

Education: BS(2017),Condensed Matter Physics,University of Science and Technology of China 

Research Interests: High-pressure experiments by Diamond Anvil Cell;Condensed Matter Physics;Density functional theory+Molecular Dynamics,PIMC;Melting Curve of Planetary Material;Formation of Planet 

Yiming Zhangyimingzhang@berkeley.edu355

Advisor: Nick Swanson-Hysell

Education: BA. Occidental College (Geology)

Research interests: Paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, magnetic imaging, paleogeography, paleointensity

Qindan Zhuqindan_zhu@berkeley.eduB47 Hildebrand

Advisor: Ronald Cohen

Research Interests: Atmospheric science, Satellite and modeling

Yishu Zhusarahings@berkeley.eduB70A Hildebrand

Air quality and climate modelling in the urban area

Advisor: Ronald Cohen