Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics

Administrative Staff

Name Affiliation Role
Erin Blazick
HR/AP Analyst and Curriculum Coordinator
305 McCone
(510) 643-4068

Erin handles academic personnel (merits, promotions, leaves, recruiting, faculty policies, lecturer hires, etc.) for the department. Academic Personnel/HR/ASE email:

She also manages the Academic Student Employee appointments for each semester.

Erin is the department Curriculum Coordinator (course scheduling, course textbook and desk copy orders, enrollment management, course and curriculum proposals) for both our Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Scheduling/Enrollment email:

David Elvins
Research Administrator
395 McCone

David administers and tracks current research funds for Allen, Alvarez, Bishop, Fung, Gilbert, Manga, Pride, Rademacher, Romps, Self, Shuster, Sloan, Taira

Mellia Kanani
Student Assistant
307 McCone
Siti Keo
Financial Services Analyst
277 McCone
(510) 642-2727

Siti assists in the overall financial management of EPS and BSL.  Works to ensure that EPS and BSL meet budgetary guidelines and controls determined by the Division and University. Also Assistant Director for Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center.  Graduate students will most likely interact with her when a pizza purchase order is needed.

Rachel Kowalik
Community Engagement Facilitator

Rachel helps foster community by coordinating department events and seminars, facilitating outreach and recruitment efforts, as well as creating and curating content for print and web across department media platforms; She also manages the Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research (CIDER). CIDER is a multidisciplinary research platform for scientists in planetary science disciplines from around the world.

Raúl Luevano
Research Administrator
309 McCone
(510) 642-9299

Raúl administers and tracks current research funds for Collins, DePaolo, Dreger, Ermakov, Ingram, Jeanloz, Kirchner, Lau, Militzer, Nadeau, Renne, Richards, Rogers, and Swanson-Hysell.  He also manages a portfolio of Diversity funds from the MPS Dean’s office for Hellman and Patt.

Michael MANGA
Garniss H. Curtis Endowed Department Chair, Professor
381 McCone Hall
(510) 643-8532

Geological processes involving fluids, including problems in physical volcanology, geodynamics, hydrogeology, and geomorphology.

Emily Martinez
HR Business Partner
398 McCone: 9am-6pm on Monday and Tuesdays or by appointment
(510) 664-9617

Emily manages all HR requests for staff titles, non-senate (i.e., researcher, postdoc) appointments and reviews, and all other titles not managed by Germán Moran.

Germán Moran
Human Resources Generalist
398 McCone (Tuesdays)
(510) 664-9750

Germán oversees visiting scholars, visiting student researchers, Academic Student Employees (ASE's) and student assistant hiring requests.

Heather Murthy
Research Administrator
309 McCone
(510) 643-4162

Heather administers and tracks current research funds for Banfield, Boering, Boos, Brimhall, Buffett, Bürgmann, Dietrich, Edwards, Finkel, Frost, Kong, Romanowicz, Stolper, Wang, and Wenk.

Carrol O'Connell
Research Administrator (Pre-Award)
309 McCone (Tues & Wed)
(510) 418-0395

Pre-Award Research Administrator

Veronica PADILLA
Administrative Manager
311 McCone
(510) 642-4540

Veronica oversees management of the department, including hiring, training, supervising staff; management of the accounting unit, shops, space, and equipment resources.


Margie WINN
Student Affairs Officer
319 McCone
(510) 642-5574

Margie manages student services for EPS, including advising graduate students and current and prospective undergraduate majors and minors. Margie assists students by providing program information, and university policy and procedure information.  She maintains files of student academic work, manages fellowships, scholarships, and block grants, and acts as liaison with Graduate Division and the College of Letters and Science for faculty and students.  In addition, Margie handles graduate admissions procedures, career and alumni services, and outreach and recruitment (Cal Day, EPS Dept Commencement, and other events).

Technical Staff

Name Title Office / Phone Affiliation Role
John Staff Research Associate III 445 McCone EPS

John oversees and maintains EPS labs, specialized equipment (SEM, XRF, XRD, etc.) and machine shops.

Charles L. Computer & Network Sysadmin 295 McCone
(510) 642-5333

Charley is the linux systems administrator for the Seismological Lab and the Geophysics Computer Lab and helps EPS with networking, printers, web server support,  and user support for research computing, including Windows and Mac systems.

Tim Staff Research Associate IV 445 / 425 McCone EPS
John Lab Assistant 122S McCone
(510) 642-3996

Research Staff

Name Title Office / Phone Affiliation Role
Lily Staff Research Associate Energy Biosciences Building #412 EPS, IGI, ESPM

Banfield Lab Manager

Heezin Applications Programmer 497 McCone
(510) 642-3991
William Dietrich
Shufei Applications Programmer, Bioinformatics Banfield Lab
Rohan Bioinformatics & Biology
Banfield Lab

Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Staff contact information can be found on the BSL Directory web page.

To update your directory information, please send email to Crysthel Catambay.