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EPS Professor David Shuster and graduate student Andrew Gorin on Mars sample return science team
Ryu Akiba awarded AGU OSPA Award for project developed with EPS Professor Burkhard Militzer and EPS Postdoctoral Researcher Anton Ermakov
The highest award from The Geological Society is given to EPS Professor Barbara Romanowicz
EPS Professor Bill Dietrich and Postdoctoral Scholar Dino Bellugi publish new landslide predictive model
screenshot of EPS Professor Bethanie Edwards, promo for Novemeber 2019 TED Talk
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The Past Illuminates the Future: Geophysical analysis of past climate changes in Antarctica informs predictions of global warming
Our annual report for 2019-2020 is now available on our website.
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Students in the EPS 109 “Computer Simulations in Earth and Planetary Science” class investigate the mismatch of curve to averaged data