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headshot of EPS Professor Barbara Romanowicz
The International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI) has awarded the 2021 IASPEI Medal to Earth & Planetary Science (EPS) Professor Barbara...
model of Earth's inner core as a circle with color gradients yellow to green to dark blue from left to right and curving lines with arrows indicating movement
BSL scientist Daniel Frost and EPS Professor Barbara Romanowicz research Earth's interior and find unusual asymmetric growth of the inner core.
Hannah Bourne (EPS PhD 2018) has published a paper on her studies of carbon flux in coastal California waters
New book by EPS Professors Chi-Yuen Wang and Michael Manga now available
map of Washington, Oregon, and California with ShakeAlert logo and checkmark over the states
Critical milestone reached today for the ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system: public alerts are now available across all three partner states: CA + OR + WA.
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Watch Live Wednesday April 28,⠀5:00 - 6:00 PM (PT) with EPS Professors Bill Dietrich and David Shuster + EPS Graduate Student Manar Al Asad
EPS Professor David Shuster and graduate student Andrew Gorin on Mars sample return science team
Ryu Akiba awarded AGU OSPA Award for project developed with EPS Professor Burkhard Militzer and EPS Postdoctoral Researcher Anton Ermakov