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Inez Fung
Professor Fung's computer model indicates that the "breathing biosphere" can absorb carbon only so fast. Beyond a certain point, the planet will not be able to keep up with carbon dioxide...
B. Lynn Ingram
The California Academy of Sciences was founded in 1853 to survey and study California's vast resources, as well as in response to concerns over the environmental changes during the...
The event lasted for four days and drew people from Australia, China, Switzerland, Canada and across the US. Full size photo of the group.
Hundreds of friends, colleagues and associates of Professor Emeritus Bruce A. Bolt packed the Faculty Club this afternoon to celebrate his life.  Professor Bolt, who served as Director of...
Professor Hal Helgeson
The Urey Medal is awarded every year to outstanding senior scientists for their life-long contribution to geochemistry.
Professor Kristie Boering received the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award from the Dreyfus Foundation for outstanding research and teaching in the \"chemical sciences\" by young faculty.
Roland Burgmann
This prize is awarded to Roland Burgmann for his outstanding contributions to research and scholarship. Through his research work on earthquakes and crustal motions with the help of...