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EPS Postdoc François Soubiran and Professor Burkhard Militzer publish new article on magnetic fields of exoplanets.
New theory on formation of lunar swirls, collaboration with Douglas Hemingway, Miller postdoc with EPS/BSL
ShakeAlert in action, with EPS Professor, BSL Director, Richard Allen onboard train.
Watch as our very own Inez Fung teams up with comedian Aparna Nancherla, and Janet George of Western Digital to demonstrate the effects.
Pyroclast cooling and saturation are important for understanding submarine eruption dynamics and pyroclast dispersal. In this study, laboratory experiments were used to examine, and...
This is an event for new freshmen and new transfer students intending on majoring in the physical sciences with the departments of Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Science, and Physics....
It is anticipated that the database will play a leading role in establishing a global standard of slow earthquake catalogs.
Six cameras along a 12-km-diameter circle are generating a 4D view of clouds at the Southern Great Plains atmospheric observatory in Oklahoma.
A key objective of metagenomic studies is to analyse organism-specific metabolic pathways and reconstruct community interaction networks. This requires accurate assignment of assembled...
The prestigious Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal has been awarded to Professor Inez Fung, for fundamental and pioneering contributions to understanding biosphere-atmosphere interactions....