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Early burial mud diapirism and its impact on stratigraphic architecture in the Carboniferous of the Shannon Basin, County Clare, Ireland

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sébastien Blanchard, Edward J. Matheson, Christopher R. Fielding, James L. Best , Alexander B. Bryk, Kalin J. Howell, Charles C. Monson, Gosia Mahoney, Jeffrey Peakall


First published: 16 May 2018


Delta fronts are often characterized by high rates of sediment supply that result in unstable slopes and a wide variety of soft‐sediment deformation, including the formation of overpressured and mobile muds that may flow plastically during early burial, potentially forming mud diapirs. The coastal cliffs of County Clare, western Ireland, expose Pennsylvanian (Namurian) delta‐front deposits of the Shannon Basin at large scale and in three dimensions.