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Recent EPS Ph.D. Awarded Naeser Prize

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The International Standing Committee for Thermochronology awards the Charles and Nancy Naeser Prize annually to early career scientists who have made outstanding and innovative contributions in this field. This new award recognizes ground-breaking, fundamental work in the field of thermochronology.

Marissa Tremblay (EPS Ph.D., 2017) received the 2018 Naeser Prize for her groundbreaking work presented in a series of papers on the development of cosmogenic noble gas thermometry, a fundamentally new form of thermochronology that has opened new avenues of earth and planetary science research.  Developing new observables for reconstructing past surface temperatures and paleo-elevation helps to address a key challenge in Earth science that has persisted at the core of several sub-disciplines for decades. In addition, Dr. Tremblay has made important scientific contribution that have applied both established and innovative modifications of (U-Th)/He based thermochronology to study topography development on the Tibetan Plateau.  She is now based in Scotland and holds an individual Research Fellowship post hosted by the noble gas research group at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre.

Dr. Tremblay received her award at an international meeting in Germany in September 2018.  Congratulations to Marissa!