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Science at Cal lecture with BSL postdoc Federico Munch

Monday, February 14, 2022
flyer for Science at Cal lecture

Science at Cal is hosting Dr. Federico Munch, a Postdoc in the Seismology Lab, at their first virtual lecture of the year, "Into the Blue Again: Water flowing underground" on Thurs, Feb 17, at noon

Use this registration link to get the Zoom link.
Join Science at Cal's first Midday Science Cafe of 2022 as we take a look at Earth’s most valuable resource, water, stored beneath the Earth’s surface. First, we’ll hear from Dr. Federico Munch, who will take us on a journey deep beneath the surface to learn about the “deep water cycle.” That is, how plate tectonics redistribute water over large distances and timescales via the Earth's crust and mantle. This phenomenon has implications for seismic activity and volcanism. Next, we’ll hear from Dr. Bhavna Arora, who focuses on agricultural managed aquifer recharge, a strategy where farmers intentionally flood croplands to refill underlying pools of water. By studying the effects of varying flood frequency, duration between floods, amount of water, and different soil textures, Dr. Arora is looking into ways to reduce groundwater pollution.