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Symposium in honor of Inez Fung sponsored by the American Meteorological Society

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The American Meteorological Society is sponsoring a full day symposium in honor of EPS faculty member Inez Fung and her scientific contributions. The symposium description is as follows: 

Professor Inez Fung has been instrumental in unifying dynamic climate models with the global study of greenhouse gases and with ecosystem models and data. Her pioneering works have introduced atmospheric dynamics into global carbon models, inspired development of global flux measurement networks and satellite observations of CO2, and pioneered carbon data assimilation. Over her career, biosphere–atmosphere interaction has grown from a small field to a major component of Earth system science, in many ways owing to Prof. Fung’s fundamental works. Rather than focusing on her own remarkable journey to become a world leader in carbon–climate research, she insists that this symposium focuses on the future of the biosphere–atmosphere science. The symposium will focus on big science questions of the biosphere–atmosphere interaction, sharing experience, promoting dialog between seniors, middle and early career scientists, and fostering diversity of the AMS research community.

and the full program can be found here: