Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Planetary Science

Research Area: 
Planetary Science

Bruce Buffett. Dynamics of planetary interiors and generation of magnetic fields; physical modeling of gas hydrates and consequence for climate change.

Eugene Chiang. Theoretical astrophysics, emphasizing the origin of planetary systems; the dynamical evolution of circumstellar disks, including the Kuiper belt.

Imke de Pater. Radio and infrared observations of the Solar System, including giant planet atmospheres and Jupiter’s magnetosphere.

William Dietrich. Hillslope and fluvial geomorphology; mechanics of sediment transport; hydrology.

Raymond Jeanloz. Mineral physics; ultra-high-pressure experimental geophysics; constitution and evolution of planets; Earth science and environmental policy; national and international security.

Michael Manga. Geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics; planetary geodynamics; volcanology; hydrogeology.

Burkhard Militzer. Computer simulations of planetary interiors using first- principles simulation techniques at extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

Paul Renne. Geochronology; paleomagnetism; flood basalts; Earth-Moon impact chronology; Permian-Triassic boundary; hominid evolution; geologic time scale calibration.

David Shuster. Noble gas geochemistry, thermochronometry, and cosmogenic nuclide observations.

EPS Planetary Science