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Daniella Rempe Begins Assistant Professorship at Texas

In fall 2016, Daniella Rempe joins the faculty of the University of Texas, Austin; she begins her tenure as an assistant professor in the Jackson School of Geosciences. Daniella is currently completing her graduate work with Professor William E. Dietrich in the UC Berkeley Department of Earth & Planetary Science.

Daniella specializes in hydrologic field observations, fluid flow and near surface geophysics. In layman's terms, she is obsessed with water; how it travels through rock; what it picks up along the way; and how water transforms the environment. She focuses on how landscapes store water in the shallow subsurface, a particularly relevant topic seeing how much of Earth's hilly regions are mantled with weathered rock. Daniella especially looks at the ecological significance of rock moisture; controls on the bottom boundary of the Critical Zone; and geophysical imaging of landscape scale patterns of weathering.

Daniella is proud to be a native Texan with the stupendous opportunity to take a teaching and research position at the flagship university. She was born in Houston, called Plano home for her secondary school years and then, obviously, lived in Austin for college. It must have been a case of serendipity for her to spend her undergraduate years in Central Texas, as Daniella credits her visits to Barton Springs as piquing her interest in water and hydrology. Barton Springs is a natural water-fed swimming hole playing host not only to sunbathers and swimmers but also to important geological processes such as faulting and the dissolution of limestone by infiltrating water. It was at Barton Springs that Daniella discovered her fascination and obsession with water.

Daniella will join the faculty of the Jackson School of Geosciences at UT as a hydrologist and geomorphologist. 

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