Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Planetary Science

Explore Summer Courses in 2018!

Explore EPS summer classes!  UC Berkeley is an open university during summer please review our schedule  here.

This summer, you can gain an overview of the water supply that controls our natural ecosystems and human civilization in EPS 3 "The Water Planet."

Ever wonder what are our planets made of? Why do they orbit the sun the way they do? Why do some bizarre moons have oceans, volcanoes and ice? You can take a tour of the mysteries and inner workings of our solar system in EPS W12 "The Planets", an online course offering.

A very popular course, EPS 20 "Earthquakes in Your Backyard" gives students an introduction to seismology and geological tectonics, with particular emphasis on the situation in California.

EPS N82 "Introduction to Oceans" teaches students the geology, physics, chemistry and biology of the world oceans. The course will apply oceanographic sciences to human problems to explore topics such as energy from the sea, marine pollution, food from the sea, and climate change.

For information on these topics and other departmental course offerings, please click here.