Alumni Student Careers Forum 

Place:  325 McCone Hall,  Time: Fridays, 3 to 4 pm       George Brimhall, Faculty Organizer                  

Purpose: While attendance at UC presents to students the nature of academic careers through daily interaction with faculty and staff, a diverse range of exciting careers outside of the research university environment are also worthwhile exploring upon graduation. Towards this end, our speakers program provides a conversational forum for UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students to become more aware of the spectrum of career opportunities in the geosciences through alumni lectures, personal interaction, and networking. Our Forum explores the excitement, societal relevance, and employment in both the public and private sectors ranging from the energy and minerals industry, government research agencies, environmental protection and restoration, K-12 through Community College education, and regulatory agencies on the local, state, and federal levels. All speakers explain their own paths in finding their current job and highlight key priorities. Workplace safety, critical reasoning, professional ethics, public speaking, and respectful interaction are all life skills stressed in many of the presentations.To further humanize the various types of jobs and their essential place in our lives, we often discuss practical details about work schedules, transitons in life, childcare, benefits, and work environments. We intend that these forums will expand our academic advisory functions and assist students in better calibrating their life's compass and thus help them discover their own personal future. Talks may also help students develop a more coherent academic program that better prepares them for the future. Many speakers discuss the value of having professional registration as geologists. ASBOG Registration exams cover certain bodies of knowledge.  Teachers discuss certification for K through 5th grade by passing the CSET Multiple Subject Test and 6th through 12 grade by passing the CSET Single Subject exam in Earth and planetary science administered by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing which is based on both the Subject Matter Requirements for teachers and the Content Standards for K-12 education in California. Scroll down to see all past Forums.


2014 Spring Program  


Date     Speaker 'UC Degee & Year                                                             Talk Title                                                                               Affiliation    

Feb. 21 Cathy Busby BA'77 Geology  "Combining a Geology Professorship With Parenthood  - Perspective From The First Female Wave"  Professor of Geology, UCSB

Mar. 14 Greg Stock  PhD '04 Earth Science UCSC "Teaching climate change in Yosemite National Park with science and history"    Geologist, Yosemite National Park   


Mar.21  Kevin Schmidt BA'89 Geology, "Fire, landslides, and faults in the public service"                                                                 Research Geologist, USGS Menlo Park

Apr. 4   Shreya Ramesh BA'08, Ma'09 Geology     "Geology and Drinking Water"                                                                   Geologist, California Water Service Company    


Apr. 18 Brooke Rumley  BA'11 Geology, MA'12  "A peek into my experience with the MA program, job hunting, & environmental consulting " Geologist, Haley & Aldrich Inc.


2013 Fall Program           See Earth Science Week Webcasts     AGI (American Geological Institute)                                                 

Date     Speaker 'UC Degee & Year                                                             Talk Title                                                                                                  Affiliation    

Oct. 4    Brian Collins PhD Geological Engineering'04 "A research career at the U.S. Geological Survey: academic preparation, current projects,      Research Civil Engineer, USGS

                                                                                            and the role of science in society today"          VIDEO Brian speaking to the new Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell

Oct. 11  Michele Saeger BA History of Art'08 "Art, Farming, and Education: The Sustainability Revolution and Community Empowerment for      Garden Educator, Learning Gardens Lab

                                                                                           Creative Practice"


Oct. 18    Sara Walkup  BA Geology'04 "From High School Teaching to Designing Curriculum: Inspiring the Next Generation of Earth Scientists"  Science Curriculum Specialist, Lawrence

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hall of Science                                                                                                            

Nov. 8    David Kojan PhD Anthropology'02  "Teaching and the Work/Life Balancing Act"                                                        Teacher, College Preparatory School, Berkeley

Nov. 15    Tyler Seaman BA Geology' 11"Life after Cal: Adapting to change and enjoying your time in Graduate School"      Graduate student in Seismology, University of Nevada Reno


Nov. 22  Mauricio Escobar  and Nick Walchuk  Geology BA'96 "The Really Big Game: Career Decisions and Environmental Consulting"  Principal Geologist, ROUX Environmental 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                and Senior Manager, Environ Internation


2013 Spring Program

Feb. 1    Eric Winchell BA'09 Geophysics     "How to Avoid Living with Your Parents after Cal.  Work, travel, and Gradschool." PhD Graduate student at Univ of CO, Boulder

Feb. 22  Loretta Kwong BA'08 Geology         "A Day in the Life of an Environmental Geologist".                                                  ARCADIS San Francisco and Walnut Creek

Mar. 1   Courtney Hart BA'06 Marine Science        "Covering the Basics - Preparing yourself for a variety of career paths"              Applicant for graduate school


Mar. 8   Josh Graham BA"08 Geology  "Environmental Consulting & Secondary Education: Perspectives on 2 Different Career Paths"  Physics Teacher, Richland High School, Fort Worth, TX

Mar. 15  Erin Anna Zike Ward BA'01 Geology      "Remaining Marketable while Unemployed"                                                          Educator

Apr. 19  David Belt BA'09 Geology    "Pathway through school and life as a consultant in the Mother Lode"                                Geologist, Condor Earth Technologies, Sonora, California

Apr.26   Mike McGehee BA'05 Geology, MBA  "Military Leadership Experience: Subsequent Career Options and Doors Open for Veterans" Former, US Navy Instructor, Submarine School                                                                      

May 3    John Willams BA"01 Geology   "Navigating the (ground)waters from geology to hydrology to meteorology: the path from      Postdoc at the University of Bonn Meteorological Institute

                                                                      environmental consulting to postdoctoral researcher"                                                      

2012 Fall Program

Date     Speaker 'UCB Degee & Year                           Talk Title                                                                                                                              Affiliation    

Oct. 19  Nina FitchBA'09 Geology, MA'10  "Life After Cal: Tips from a Recent Graduate on Coursework, Graduate School, Resumes,           AMEC GeoMatrix Oakland

                                                Interviews, and a Sneak Preview Into the Wolrd of  Environmental Consulting"  

Oct. 26  Charlie Paradis BA'07 Geology "Environmental Consulting and Graduate School: A Candid Testimony of Mistakes, Successes,      Associate Geologist, Parsons Walnut Creek

                                                and Lessons Learned"                                                                                                                                  and Graduate Student Researcher, UC Davis

Nov. 2   Liv Detrick        "Paid Summer Research, Undergraduate Scholarships, and Graduate Fellowships"    Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP)      Pathway to Science

Nov. 9    Joel Scheingross BA'07 Geology   "How to meander your way to grad school, and enjoy life once you get there"                         PhD Graduate student at Cal Tech

Nov. 16   Keith Foster BA'11 Geology    "Life After Cal:  A look inside the public and private sectors through a the eyes of a geologist"           URS  Corporation                                                    


2012 Spring Program 

Feb. 3   Sean Ford Geophysics BA'99, PhD'08 "Tax-payer funded research at a privately-run lab: The new face of forensic seismology

                                                                          at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory."                                                              Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Feb. 10    Charles Paradis Geology BA'07  "Graduate Studies in Hydrogeology: a crash course in admission, coursework, and research" Graduate Student Researcher, UC Davis, Hydrologic

                                                                                                                                                                                   Sciences Graduate Group, and Associate Geologist, Parsons, Walnut Creek   

Feb. 17   Lan Ma Atmospheric Sci & IB BA'08     "Clean Air Heads"                                                                                              ENVIRON International Corp.           

Feb. 24   Chris Lewis  Geology BA'86, MS'93   "From small farms to middle school classrooms: Geoscience education in formal

                                                                                  and informal environments"                                                                             City College of San Francisco

Mar. 2  Misato Araki  Geology'01    Special note: Time 4:10-5:00   "Teaching, and how I got here with a geology degree"          Kaiser Elementary, Oakland

Mar.9     Derek Lerch Geophysics BA'00  "Geology right out my window: Faculty and administrative work at a small California

                                               Community College"                                                                                                                             Feather River College

Mar. 16   Trey Appel  "Modeling Catastrophes: From Faults to Families and other things that matter"                                              Risk Management Solutions

Mar. 23  Russell McArthur Geology BA'09, MA'10 "Getting a foot in the door--A view into the world of part-time teaching"         UCB, SFSU, SSU, NVC, CCSF, and DVC

April 6   Kate Quigley       "Geoscience Education Through New Technology"                                                                                 Lawrence Hall of Science

April 13      3:00-4:00 pm    No Forum this week

April 20  Bruce Bilodeau   Geology AB'76    "A UC Berkeley Geologisit in Big Oil, A Stranger in a Strange Land"                             Petrophysicist-Geologist, R and D, Chevron


April 27   Mauricio Escobar & Nick Walchuk , Geology BA'96   "Leveraging an EPS Degree into a Successful Career:  Environmental Consulting"  Principal Geologist, ROUX Environmental 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Associates; and Senior Manager, Environ


   2011 Spring Program                                                                                George Brimhall, Coordinator      

   Date         Time and Place    Speaker(s)                          Talk Titles                                                            Affiliation    

Tuesday, Jan. 25  6:00-7:00 pm     Charlie Paradis   "Environmental Consulting: a candid testimony of mistakes,     (1) MSc Candidate, Land, Air & Water Resources,

                                                                                             successes, and lessons learned"                                                       Subsurface Hydrology UC David; (2) Associate

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Geologist, Parsons, Walnut Creek

Tuesday, Feb. 8  5:00-6:00 pm      Arthur Reis        "Career Strategies and Experiences in Applied Science and            Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,

                                                                                         Engineering:  Practice through Public Service"                              Office of Energy Projects



Tuesday, Mar. 8  5:00-6:00 pm    Josh Graham "High School Teacher Credentialing Programs- A personal Perspective"  Graduate program in teacher credentialing: Texas

                                                                                                                             Teachers Program

Tuesday, Mar. 29  5:00-6:00 pm   Scott Stromberg "The Road from EPS to an Environmental Consulting Firm of 14." Orion Environmental

Tuesday, April 12  5:00-6:00 pm   Loretta Kwong    "A Day in the Life of an Environmental Geologist" ARCADIS San Francisco and Walnut Creek

Tuesday, April 19   5:00-6:00 pm   Nick Walchuk & Mauricio Escoba  "EPS Beyond the Degree: Perspectives on Environmental Consulting"     Environ


  2010 Fall Program

      Date          Time and Place                Speaker(s)     Affiliation                    Talk Title  (Click to see slides)

Mon. Sept. 20      5 to 6 pm 365 McCone Hall    Nina Fitch (AMEC GeoMatrix)  "Advice From a Recent Grad On Getting a Job"

Mon. Oct. 4        5:30-6:30  365 McCone Hall   Erik Oerter (ESPM)  "What I learned in the first 5 years of my career working

                                                                                                                    in state government"

Tues. Oct. 19        5:00-6:00   365 McConeHall   Nick Odlam (Stanford) "Avoiding the online resume black hole"

Weds. Nov. 3       5:00-6:00  365 McCone Hall Phil Behrman (Marathon Oil, retired) "Some lessons learned from a career in the energy business


                        2009 /2010  Program    Spring  

  Date                           325 McCone Hall             Speaker(s)  and Talk Titles       Affiliaiton    

Thursday Feb 25  Nick Walchuk & Mauricio Escobar   "EPS Beyond the Degree: Perspectives on Environmental Consulting"     Environ

Thursday April 8   5:30-6:30 325 McCone     Josh Graham  "Environmental consulting - is it for you?"  Arcadis

Thursday April 22   5:00-6:00 325 McCone     Daniel Mayeri "Education: Teaching, Tutoring, and Flexibility"   The Athenian School, Danville

Thursday April 29  5:00-6:00  325 McCone     William Teplow  "Finding stuff is more fun than knowing stuff: a career in geothermal exploration" VP Exploration US Geothermal

                                 Program    Fall

     Weds. Sept 16         Delphine Prevost  "Beyond Earth Science- Leveraging Your Degree." Project Manager Maritime Division of the Port of Oakland

                                     Lucas Goldstein    "A Career in Environmental Consulting"                Geologisit/Engineer LFR Inc. Emmeryville

     Weds. Oct 28-         Jim Murray           "Oceanography: Future Science Questions and       Professor in the School of Oceanography   University of Washington

                                                                   Research Opportunities"

                    2008/2009    Program


Spring Semester

Tuesday Feb. 17     5-6 pm 365 McCone    George Brimhall  "Surviving the Current Job Market "   Misato Araki "My Path to Becoming a Primary School Teacher" First grade teacher at                                                                                                                                                                                            Kaiser Elementary School, Oakland Unified.School District

Tuesday Mar. 10       5-6 pm 365 McCone   Nick Perry         "Exploring the Grassroots Political Perspective"                      Citizen Outreach Canvass Director, Grassroots Campaigns Inc.

Tuesday Mar. 17    5-6 pm 365 McCone     Josh Graham  "Environmental Consulting in rough/tough economic times"    Geologist ARCADIS

Tuesday Mar. 31    5-6 pm 365 McCone     Trey Apel “What is geotechnical consulting? – How to get paid for your opinion”  AMEC GEOMATRIX

Tuesday April  14   5-6 pm 365 McCone     Laura Glaser  "Developing Regional Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses:

                                                                                                    How I get paid to do real geology in cool places"               AMEC GEOMATRIX

Tuesday  April 28   5-6 pm 365 McCone     Lan Ma       “Why Consulting? Why Air Practice?”                                             Atmospheric Scientist ENVIRON

Saturday April 18   10-11 am 141 McCone George Brimhall "Can Americans Learn to Live Within Their Means"   Cal Day Talk

Useful Links to Know about: Geological Society of America: K-12 Teacher Resources    GSA main website

                                                American Geological Institute (AGI): Publications    Careers


Jobs and Career Development:       American Geological Institute              Board on Professional Registration

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing   Required Geoscience Knowledge (Subject Matter Requirements (scroll to Science 2003)

Association of Women Geoscientists        National Association of Geoscience Teachers        Northern California Geological Society

American Geophysical Union        Career Center UCB        Occupational Handbook (In Search Box enter Job Title and see work demands, opportunities)


               2008/2009    Program

 Fall Semester                                                                 

       Weds. Oct. 22nd     5:30-6:30  pm 325 McCone Hall        Peter Yen                                               Bechtel, National Inc.

       Weds. Oct. 29th      5:30-6:30 pm  325 McCone Hall        Brett Davidheiser-Kroll                        Stillwater Platinum Mine, MT

       Weds. Nov. 5th     5:30-6:30  pm 325 McCone Hall          Max Wilmarth                                        Geothermal Power      

       Weds. Dec. 3rd      5:30-6:30 pm 325 McCone Hall         Nick Walchuk & Mauricio Escobar       Environmental Consultants:  Environ

                          2007/2008    Program













































































































































































Date                                    Place                       Speaker(s)  click to see talk                        Affiliation    

                                                                           (Blue is confirmed; Black invited only)

Weds. Oct. 31        6-7 pm 325 McCone Hall   Daniel Mayeri                                           Math Teacher: The Athenian School

Weds. Nov. 14       6-7 pm 325 McCone Hall   John Williams                                            Environmental Consultant: Kleinfelder

          Weds. Nov. 28        6-7 pm 325 McCone Hall   Abel Vanegas & Lucas Goldstein           Math-Sci Teacher: Bay Pt. & LRF

          Weds. Jan. 30          6-7 pm 325 McCone Hall    Paul Henshaw                                         Retired Geologist: Chevron

          Weds. Feb. 13          6-7 pm 365 McCone Hall  Rebecca Fehr                                          REI Manager                                        

          Weds. Feb. 27         6-7 pm 365 McCone Hall    Nick Walchuk & Mauricio Escobar       Environmental Consultants:  Environ

          Weds. Mar. 12         6-7 pm 365 McCone Hall   Leonard Sklar                                          Professor: SF State Univeristy













































































































































































                                                                                             2006/2007  Program

Date                                    Place                          Speaker(s)  click to see talk                   Affiliation                 

Weds. Nov. 1            4-5 pm 325 McCone Hall    Mauricio Escobar & Nick Walchuk     Environ

Fri.     Dec 8, 2006    4-5 pm 325 McCone Hall    Bill Lettis                                            William Lettis & Associates


          Tues. Jan 23, 2007    5-6 pm 365 McCone Hall    Tim Mote                                                GeoMatrix

          Tues. Feb. 6, 2007    5-6 pm 365 McCone Hall    Erin Zike   Links to Standards   Photos   9th Grade Teacher

          Tues. Mar 6, 2007     5-6 pm 365 McCone Hall   Russell Graymer                                      USGS

          Tues. May 1, 2007    5-6 pm 365 McCone Hall    Jaquie Bicais                                          Pre Law Professional