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PhD Earth & Planetary Science, Computational Science & Engineering (2013)
Fluid Flows at Deep Oceanic and Arctic Gas Hydrate Deposits
Advisor Prof. Bruce Buffett
University of California, Berkeley

MS Mechanical Engineering (2010)
Topography Driven Flow Focusing in Anisotropic Ocean Sediments
Advisors Prof. Bruce Buffett (Chair) & Prof. Omar Savas
University of California, Berkeley

BS Bioengineering (2008)
Undergraduate research advisor Prof. Francis Loth
University of Illinois, Chicago
Magna cum laude

I have taken the following courses at UC Berkeley:

2013 Applications of Parallel Computers (Online XSEDE Course), Spring
Instructor Prof. James Demmel

2012 Matrix Computations (MATH221), Fall
Instructor Prof. John Strain

2011 Cloud Microphysics (EPS290), Fall
Instructor Prof. David Romps

Software Engineering for Scientific Computing (CS294), Fall
Instructor Prof. Phillip Colella

Applied Environmental Fluid Mechanics (CE105), Spring
Instructor Prof. Fotini Katopodes Chow

Transport & Mixing in the Environment (CE200C), Spring
Instructor Prof. Mark Stacey

2010 Environmental Fluid Mechanics (CE200A), Fall
Instructor Prof. Fotini Katopodes Chow

Research in Earth & Planetary Science (EPS260), Fall
Instructor Prof. Burkhard Militzer

Modeling Environmental Fluid Flows (CE200B), Spring
Instructor Prof. Fotini Katopodes Chow

Special Problems in Hydrogeology (EPS200), Spring
Instructor Prof. Michael Manga

2009 Geological Fluid Mechanics (EPS236), Fall
Instructor Prof. Bruce Buffett

Mathematical Tools in the Physical Sciences (MATH121A), Fall
Instructor Chung Pang Mok

Glaciology (EPS C242), Spring
Instructor Prof. Kurt Cuffey

Microscale Fluid Mechanics (ME167), Spring
Instructor Prof. Stephen Morris

Advanced Fluid Mechanics II (ME260B), Spring
Instructor Prof. Omer Savas

2008 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (ME185), Fall
Instructor Prof. Panayiotis Papadopoulos

Advanced Fluid Mechanics I (ME260A), Fall
Instructor Prof. Omer Savas

Teaching Mechanical Engineering (ME301), Fall
Instructor Prof. Michael Frenklach

Jennifer M. Frederick, Ph.D.
Division of Hydrologic Sciences
Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV