Wenk, Bulakh: Minerals. Second Edition

Cambridge University Press

The second edition of the Minerals book is now available from Cambridge University Press, both as a hard copy and an electronic copy.

There are files with slides (pdf) and sample laboratory exercises (docx) that may be useful for instructors and can be downloaded here and with CPU.

Rudy Wenk


Obviously there will be some typos and errors. We rely on readers to inform us so that they can be corrected in the next printing cycle. Please send comments to wenk@berkeley.edu. Below is a list that will be expanded:


eq. 12.22b  e6  "6" should be subscript

Plate 12 at bottom add: "All interference figures courtesy of O. Medenbach."

Plate 13c change perthic to "perthitic"

Plate 23d delete "1041907a"

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Last Edited 11/01/18