Professor Emeritus Luna Leopold

BORN:            October 8, 1915, Albuquerque, New Mexico


     1936           B.S.: Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
     1944           M.S.: Physics-Meteorology, University of California, Los Angeles
      1950          Ph.D.: Geology, Harvard University


      1937-40     Engineer, U.S. Soil Conservation Service, New Mexico
      1940-46     Private to Captain, U.S. Army Weather Service, Army Air Force
      1946-50     Chief Meteorologist, Pineapple Research Institute, Hawaii
      1950-72     Hydraulic Engineer (1950-56), Chief Hydrologist (1956-66), SeniorResearch Hydrologist (1966-72), U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D. C.
      1972-86     Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics, and Department of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
      1987           Professor Emeritus


      1958          Kirk Bryan Award, Geological Society of America
      1958          Distinguished Service Medal, U.S. Department of the Interior
      1963          Veth Medal, Royal Netherlands Geographical Society
      1966          Medal of the University of Liege, Belgium
      1968          Cullum Medal, American Geographical Society
      1968          Member, National Academy of Sciences
      1969          Distinguished Service Citation, University of Wisconsin
      1969          Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
      1970          D. Geography (Honorary), University of Ottowa, Canada
      1972          D.Sc.(Honorary) Iowa Wesleyan College
      1972          Rockefeller Public Service  Award
      1972          Fellow, American Philosophical Society
      1973          Warren Prize, National Academy of Sciences, USA
      1976          Award of “Rivers, 1976”, American Society of Civil Engineers
      1980          D. Sc. (Honorary), University of Wisconsin
      1981          D. Sc. (Honorary), University of St. Andrews, Scotland
      1982          Fellow, California Academy of Sciences
      1983          Forchheimer Foundation Senior Fellow, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
      1983          Busk Medal, Royal Geographical Society
      1985          Bownocker Lecturer, Ohio State University
      1986          Berkeley Citation, University of California
      1986          Distinguished Professor Award (Honorary), University of Murcia, Spain
      1988          Linsley Award, American Institute of Hydrology
      1990          Abel Wolman Distinguished Lecture, National Academy of Sciences, Water Science and Technology Board
      1991          Henry P. Caulfied Jr. Medal, American Water Resources Association
      1991          Distinguished Career Award, Geological Society of America, Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division
      1991          National Medal of Science
      1991          Palladium Medal, Nat. Audubon Soc & Amer. Assoc. of Engineering Societies
      1993          Robert E. Horton Medal, American Geophysical Union
      1994          Penrose Medal, Geological Society of America
      2000          Ian Campbell Medal, Amer. Geological Institute