Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics

Charles H. Ramsden Endowed Scholarship

Background Overview
A generous bequest from Mr. Charles H. Ramsden, an alumnus of the Department, has made it possible to provide financial support to undergraduate students who are declared majors in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science. Preference shall be given to those students demonstrating financial need.

The Ramsden Fund includes scholarship support, subsidies for field trips and undergraduate research projects, upgrades of facilities that enhance the undergraduate curriculum, as well as efforts to attract qualified students. See sample summaries of past student research projects.  The fund is only for native born citizens of the USA. Thus it is not possible to provide this kind of support to non-citizens or naturalized citizens.

• Declared undergraduate major in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science 
• In good academic standing 
• Native born citizens of the USA*


Proposals must be submitted via email to in one document (preferably PDF). Please include the application and a detailed budget. Proposals will be reviewed by the Ramsden Committee.

Deadline for Submissions

March 6, 2020 (First Friday of March)

November 6, 2020 (First Friday of November)

Upon completion, a one page summary will be due during RRR week. Please note your project, how the Ramsden funds assisted you, and the outcome.

Application Instructions: Please read carefully before submitting your application!

Complete a Ramsden Application Cover Sheet.

When the money will be available
• Funds will be available approximately two weeks after final decision 
• Awarding money during the academic year to students currently on financial aid may result in a decrease in your current aid.


*Please note that if you are not a native born citizen, email for other scholarship opportunities.

For emergency financial need, please email