EPS Student Forms

Undergraduate Forms

EPS 197 Independent Study Enrollment Form - 1-4 units, P/NP

EPS 199 Independent Study Enrollment Form - 1-4 units, P/NP

EPS H195 Honors Thesis Enrollment Form - 3.3 minimum UC & upper division major GPA, 3 units minimum

Course Approval Form - Required for registration and must be approved by a faculty advisor

EPS Major Declaration Form - Must be signed by your major faculty advisor

EPS Minor Declaration Form

EPS Graduate Students Only

Course Substitution Form & Process:

If you want to take a course for your major or minor that is not listed under the major requirements in the Berkeley Academic Guide, please follow the process below for a course substitution:

  1. Approval from the faculty advisor (see your major website for faculty advisor information) from the Course Approval Form or an email approval
  2. Upload the signed Course Approval Form or a PDF of the email approving the course substitution to the EPS Course Substitution Google Form
  3. The undergraduate major advisor will process your course substitution in your Academic Progress Report (APR)

Please submit forms electronically to epsua@berkeley.edu

L&S Forms and Petitions