Career Seminars

12:00 pm Mondays, 365 McCone
Organizers : Prof. William Boos & Ph.D. student Zachary Smith

Current seminars
March 4, 2024Careers at the EPAIdalia Pérez, Anna Mebust, Ashley Graham (all EPA Physical Scientists & Berkeley PhDs), Shaye Hong (EPA Physical Scientist; Berkeley BA, Atmos Sci major & Data Science minor)U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Region 9 (San Francisco Bay Area branch
March 11, 2024Livermore and the DOE National Lab systemDennise Templeton (Deputy Group Leader, Seismology; Berkeley PhD), Kim Knight (Staff Scientist, Nuclear Emergency Support Team; Berkeley PhD), Robin Benedetti (Staff Scientist, National Ignition Facility; Berkeley PhD)Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
April 8, 2024The world of environmental consultingClaudia Llerandi (Principal; UC Davis MS), Karina Yap (Staff Engineer; Berkeley BS, UWashington MS), Emily Lynch (Associate Environmental Scientist; Lafayette College BS)Kennedy Jenks, a private firm focused on water projects and environmental remediation

In this seminar series, Berkeley alumni and other professionals talk with current students and postdocs about career paths. The seminars focus on all types of careers that can be pursued with a degree in Earth & Planetary Science, as well as careers in Earth & Planetary Science that can be pursued with degrees in other disciplines. Focus includes traditional science careers, jobs at large corporations and small startups in the earth and environmental sciences, careers in tech and finance that leverage the quantitative background of EPS graduates, and creative and unusual career paths. We have speakers from a broad range of career stages — recent graduates to retirees — and include alumni who can help build useful networks for undergraduate as well as graduate students.

This seminar series complements a 1-unit course, EPS 198:  "Careers in the Earth & Planetary Sciences and Beyond", which coaches students as they work to turn a Berkeley degree into a meaningful and financially viable lifelong career. The course targets students who may not have family or friends to mentor them in the sort of career they want, provides hands-on mentoring in the job search process, and provides exposure to a wide range of EPS careers that help human society thrive in a complex and changing Earth system.

Past seminars
April 10, 2023Startup companies in energy techLaura Lammers (Founder & CEO; past Berkeley faculty member)Travertine Technologies
April 3, 2023How to get a job at NASA, NOAA, or NISTNikki Privé (Associate Research Scientist; PhD MIT Atmospheric Science)NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Morgan State University
March 13, 2023Careers in earthquake, tsunami, and climate hazardsTodd Becker (Earthquake and Tsunami Program Specialist; Cal Poly Humboldt BS Geology)California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)
Feb 6, 2023Federal government jobs in environmental geophysics and geologyBridget Floyd (Environmental Design Section Chief; Berkeley BA Geology, MS Trinity College Dublin)US Army Corps of Engineers
April 8, 2022A broad view of geology & geosciences careersJonathan Price (President Elect of the American Geosciences Institute; Berkeley PhD Geology)Former State Geologist for Nevada
March 11, 2022A career path from mineral physics to big techGrace Pehl (data scientist, mother of six, and former CSA owner; Berkeley PhD)large Bay Area tech company
Feb 11, 2022Jobs in geohazard evaluation for critical infrastructureÖzgür Kozaci (Principal Geologist; USC PhD), Jenny Taing (Senior Engineer; Berkeley BA Geophysics & MS Civil Engineering), Ryan Caspary (Project Geologist; Berkeley BA & MA Geophysics)InfraTerra
Jan 28, 2022Geology & oceanography in the energy industryPaul Henshaw (Berkeley BA Geology, U Washington PhD Oceanography)Retired from Chevron and the US Navy, and advisor to energy industry companies
Nov 5, 2021Machine learning, minerals, and the energy transitionJake Edman (Director of Machine Learning; Berkeley PhD)KoBold Metals, a mineral exploration company focused on the electric vehicle supply chain
Oct 15, 2021Forensic GeoscienceMarianne Stam (Forensic scientist & Secretary of the Initiative on Forensic Geology)California Department of Justice (the state crime lab)
Sept 17, 2021From climate science to software engineering of the energy gridPercy Link (Staff Software Engineer; Berkeley PhD)Tesla Energy