Emeriti Faculty

Imke de Pater

Professor emerita and Professor of the Graduate School of EPS & Astronomy

Professor de Pater's research interests include: infrared observations using adaptive optics on world-class 8-10 m telescopes and JWST of e.g., the giant planets, their ring systems, and the satellites Titan and Io. She also continues to observe these objects at radio wavelengths using the Very Large Array and ALMA.

Many exciting discoveries, including e.g., impacts on Jupiter, volcanism on Io, storms on Titan and the Giant planets, and planetary rings are described on her webpages.

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Lynn Ingram

Professor Emerita

Laboratory for Environmental and Sedimentary Isotope Geochemistry (LESIG)

James Kirchner

Professor Emeritus
Note to prospective students and postdocs: as of January 2011, I have officially retired from Berkeley. Although I will keep some links with the campus, I am not seeking further students / postdocs there. As of Summer 2007, I am the director of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research (WSL), and Professor of the Physics of Environmental Systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

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Doris Sloan

Adjunct Professor

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No classes scheduled.

Office Hours
By appointment. Leave message at (510) 527-5710.

Published June 2006:Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region, California Natural History Guide Series No. 79, University of California Press.