William Collins

Professor in Residence, Earth and Planetary Science; Director, Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Director, Accelerator for Climate, Energy & Environment Solutions

Please visit my homepage at: https://eesa.lbl.gov/profiles/william-collins/

EPS 230 will be offered in Fall 2019.

Kurt Cuffey

Professor of EPS & Geography and the Martin Distinguished Chair in Ocean, Earth and Climate Science

Donald DePaolo

Chancellor’s Professor, Emeritus & Professor of the Graduate School

Don DePaolo has been teaching and conducting research at University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 1988. He is the Director of the Center for Isotope Geochemistry, a joint-institution research center at both UC Berkeley and LBNL, and holds the Class of 1951 Chair as professor of geochemistry.

Over Don's academic career he has mentored more than 40 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who have gone on to rewarding careers in academia, industry, and

William E. Dietrich


Please go to http://calm.geo.berkeley.edu/geomorph/ for information about the Berkeley Geomorphology Group and Gilbert Club; Director, Eel River Critical Zone Observatory
The Berkeley web page for the NSF supported Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM): http://calm.geo.berkeley.edu/ncalm/dtc.html

Madison Douglas

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on the physical, chemical, and biological processes that have shaped the surface of Earth throughout our planet's history, forming the landscapes we know and love today. Predicting natural hazards such as flooding and debris flows requires understanding the physical processes active in rivers, hillslopes, and coastlines and collaborating with geochemists and biologists. This includes traveling to collect samples and measure natural processes, running laboratory experiments...

Bethanie Edwards

Assistant Professor

By pairing integrated meta-omics with microbial and chemical oceanography, the Edwards lab explores microbial interactions, metabolic processes, and chemical turnover rates in the lab and at sea. We are particularly interested in carbon export, the Biological Carbon Pump, and the impact of marine microbes on particle dynamics as particles form in the surface ocean and are disaggregated at depth. Our lab studies a wide range of marine microbes: viruses, bacteria, phytoplankton, and microzooplankton.

Lipidomic analysis is our lab’s area of expertise, allowing for the quantification of...

Inez Fung

Professor of Atmospheric Science

S.B. in Applied Mathematics (1971), ScD Meteorology (1977), MIT.

Benjamin Gilbert

Associate Adjunct Professor & Senior Scientist at LBNL

Dr. Gilbert has made important contributions to the rapidly evolving field of nanogeoscience – the study of the properties and geochemical interactions of natural nanoscale minerals. Much of his research involves the development and application of synchrotron x-ray experiments and analysis methods for the study of mineral nanoparticles.