Tadesse Alemu

Host: David Shuster and Nicholas Swanson-Hysell

I am the UC President's postdoctoral fellow. I did my PhD at Oklahoma State University where I used field sedimentologic and structural, and remote sensing techniques to constrain the geodynamic evolution of an exhumed IntraCONtinental Sag (ICONS) basin.

Currently, I am doing a (U-Th)/He dating combined with paleomagnetic constraints to provide the necessary data for the testing of mechanisms for large scale exhumation following Neoproterozoic collisional orogenesis in the Arabian-Nubian Shield. Particularly,...

Sarah Arveson

I am an experimental high-pressure mineral physicist. My current research pursuits involve chemical mixing (and de-mixing) in planetary interiors and melting of materials at high pressures. I employ laser-heated diamond anvil cells and a variety of in-situ and ex-situ techniques to characterize material properties in order to understand planetary interiors.