Nicholas Swanson-Hysell

Job title: 
Associate Professor

Nicholas Swanson-Hysell is an Earth scientist whose research seeks to place quantitative constraints on the long-term evolution of Earth through integrating geophysical and geochemical data sets that are developed within a rigorous geologic context. A major focus of this research is on paleomagnetic and rock magnetic data sets, often from stratigraphic sequences, that his research group develops in order to test hypotheses about the migrating positions of continents (paleogeography), changes to the surface environment (particularly planetary climate change), and the evolution of Earth’s magnetic field. Hypotheses abound in Earth science related to major transitions such as the reorganization of continental blocks into and out of supercontinents and the initiation and terminations of ice ages including global glaciation. Our research projects bring quantitative constraints to such changes, including their timing and rates, in order to test such hypotheses and further understanding of Earth’s long-term evolution.

Publications out of our research group can be found here: with associated code and data available here:

Research interests: 

Earth history as revealed through the geologic record; paleogeography; long-term drivers of Earth's climate; geomagnetic field evolution



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