Richard Allen

Class of 1954 Professor & Director of Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Regional seismic structure and dynamics, mantle upwelling processes. Earthquake rupture mechanisms. Seismic hazard mitigation including earthquake early warning systems.

Walter Alvarez

Professor of the Graduate School

Stratigraphy and Earth history, tectonics and structural geology, stratigraphy of pelagic limestones.

Please note that Prof. Álvarez is active in research, but not in teaching, and does not accept new graduate students.

Jill F. Banfield


I am a Professor in the Departments of Earth and Planetary Science and Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (see contact information below). I also have an appointment in the geochemistry group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. My primary research interests are in geomicrobiology and environmental microbiology. My group studies how microorganisms shape, and are shaped by, their natural environments. My research group studies microbial communities, primarily using cultivation-independent approaches such as genomics (metagenomics) and community proteomics. We work on...

James Bishop


Degrees: B.Sc. (hon) Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, University of British Columbia; Sc.D. in Marine Chemistry, MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography.

Path to Berkeley: Columbia University, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, both in New York; University of Victoria, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, BC, Canada; and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division, Berkeley. I joined the EPS faculty in 2006. I am a Faculty Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National...

Kristie A. Boering

Professor & the Lieselotte and David Templeton Professor of Chemistry

William Boos

Associate Professor

My group’s research focuses on large-scale climate dynamics—we work to understand how atmospheric circulations, ocean interactions, radiative transfer, and land surface processes control regional and global climate. Some of our research centers on monsoons, which are continental-scale atmospheric circulations that deliver water to billions of people in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and northern Australia; monsoon winds also constitute a major component of Earth’s global atmospheric circulation. We also study extreme weather and climate phenomena, seeking to understand how fluid dynamics and...

Roland Bürgmann

I am a professor at the Department of Earth and Planetary Science and the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. I head the Active Tectonics group at UC Berkeley.

Eugene Chiang

Professor of EPS & Astronomy

B.S. (Physics), 1995, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. (Astronomy), 2000, California Institute of Technology

Ronald Cohen

Professor of EPS & Chemistry

Cohen's research combines satellite, in situ and laboratory observations of nitrogen oxides aimed at understanding the role chemical reactions have in Earth’s climate, in producing unhealthy levels of ozone and fine particles and in the exchange of nitrogen oxides with ecosystems. Cohen also studies the chemistry of evaporation/condensation with an eye toward understanding both cloud formation and the long-term record of water isotopes recorded in the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. In his newest research project, he is leading an effort to build analytical instruments and...