William Boos

Job title: 
Associate Professor

My group’s research focuses on large-scale climate dynamics—we work to understand how atmospheric circulations, ocean interactions, radiative transfer, and land surface processes control regional and global climate. Some of our research centers on monsoons, which are continental-scale atmospheric circulations that deliver water to billions of people in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and northern Australia; monsoon winds also constitute a major component of Earth’s global atmospheric circulation. We also study extreme weather and climate phenomena, seeking to understand how fluid dynamics and thermodynamics govern the behavior of atmospheric vortices, heat waves, and intense precipitation. We pay particular attention to the phase changes of water in Earth’s atmosphere, as the interaction of precipitating clouds with planetary-scale flow is one of the central unresolved problems of planetary science. In all of our work, we combine theory, observational analyses, and numerical models to discover how the world around us works.

I am the Equity Advisor for the Department of Earth and Planetary Science, the faculty advisor for Berkeley's Climate Science minor, an editor of Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, and a Faculty Scientist at LBNL.  In addition to courses on atmospheric dynamics, climate, and extreme weather, I lead a career seminar (EPS 198) to coach students as they work to turn their Berkeley degrees into meaningful lifelong careers.

Research interests: 

Atmospheric science, climate dynamics, monsoons, Earth's hydrological cycle



Office Room Number: 413 McCone Hall