Ronald Cohen

Job title: 
Professor of EPS & Chemistry

Cohen's research combines satellite, in situ and laboratory observations of nitrogen oxides aimed at understanding the role chemical reactions have in Earth’s climate, in producing unhealthy levels of ozone and fine particles and in the exchange of nitrogen oxides with ecosystems. Cohen also studies the chemistry of evaporation/condensation with an eye toward understanding both cloud formation and the long-term record of water isotopes recorded in the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. In his newest research project, he is leading an effort to build analytical instruments and models for observing and interpreting urban greenhouse gas emissions with unprecedented spatial resolution: This project was one of three “Climate Data in Action” efforts recognized in the Obama administration’s Climate Data Initiative in summer 2014. Urban and remote environs.

Research interests: 

Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Ozone; Nitrogen oxides; Water.



(510) 642-2735
Office Room Number: B45 Hildebrand Hall