Walter Alvarez

Job title: 
Professor of the Graduate School

Stratigraphy and Earth history, tectonics and structural geology, stratigraphy of pelagic limestones.

Please note that Prof. Álvarez is active in research, but not in teaching, and does not accept new graduate students.

Research interests: 

Stratigraphy and Earth history, focusing on comet and asteroid impacts and their role in causing mass extinctions and influencing the course of evolution of life. Tectonics, stratigraphy, and structural geology of the Mediterranean region, especially Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain, North Africa, and the Sahara. Global tectonics. Geology of the Quaternary Roman Volcanic Province and its implication for dating glacial cycles and for understanding Roman archeology. Stratigraphy of pelagic limestones. History of geology. Big History.



315 McCone Hall