Weiqiang Zhu

Job title: 
Assistant Professor

Weiqiang Zhu (Way-Chyang)

My research focuses on understanding earthquake physics and statistics by applying cutting-edge artificial intelligence and scientific computing methods to gain new insights from large seismic datasets.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning for Geophysical Signal Discovery
  • Applying deep learning to detecting hidden earthquake signals from large seismic datasets to understand complex earthquake sequences and fault zone structures.
  • Applying cloud computing to large-scale data mining to build high-resolution earthquake catalogs for studying earthquake ricks, volcanic activities, glacier evolution, etc.
Earthquake Simulation and Seismic Inversion for Understanding Earthquake Physics
  • Applying earthquake simulation to analyze multiphysics couplings within fault zones such as fluid, permeability, friction, and other mechanical properties.
  • Applying automatic differentiation to improve geophysical inversion and constrain key physical parameters such as earthquake source parameters and the Earth’s interior structures.