Name Job title Role
William Boos Associate Professor Faculty
George Brimhall Professor Emeritus Emeriti Faculty
Alexander Bryk Graduate Student
Bruce Buffett Professor Faculty
Mark Bukowinski Professor Emeritus Emeriti Faculty
Roland Bürgmann Professor Faculty
Tyler Cadena Graduate Student
John Carter Post-Doc
Yifang Cheng Post-Doc
Rodrigo Chi Graduate Student
Eugene Chiang Professor of EPS & Astronomy Faculty
Yu-Hisang Chien Graduate Student
Ronald Cohen Professor of EPS & Chemistry Faculty
William Collins Professor in Residence, Earth and Planetary Science; Director, Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Director, Accelerator for Climate, Energy & Environment Solutions Faculty
Allie Coonin Graduate Student
Kaitlin Creamer Post-Doc
Kurt Cuffey Professor of EPS & Geography and the Martin Distinguished Chair in Ocean, Earth and Climate Science Faculty
Prajna Paramita Das Graduate Student
Kelian Dascher-Cousineau Post-Doc
Imke de Pater Professor emerita and Professor of the Graduate School of EPS & Astronomy Emeriti Faculty