Raymond Jeanloz

Professor of EPS & Astronomy

Raymond Jeanloz and his group study the nature and evolution of planetary interiors, as well as the properties of materials at high pressures. Much of their work is based on experiments with laser-heated diamond-anvil cells, and they also pursue shock-wave experiments and quantum mechanical calculations of material properties.

Kanani K. M. Lee

Associate Adjunct Professor & Staff Scientist at LLNL

Michael Manga

Professor and Department Chair

Michael Manga studies the geological processes that shape Earth’s surface. This includes understanding the reasons why planets have volcanoes, why those volcanoes erupt in so many different ways, and how those volcanic eruptions affect climate and other Earth systems. He studies how geological processes affect and are affected by groundwater, including the formation of geysers, the effects of earthquakes on fluid flow in Earth’s crust, and the origin of springs and mud volcanoes. He also studies similar processes on other planets, including the...

James Rector

Professor of EPS & Civil Engineering

Paul Renne

Professor in Residence & Director of Berkeley Geochronology Center