Environmental Earth Science

About Environmental Earth Science

The Environmental Earth Science major focuses broadly on the natural sciences, using earth science as a base to expand outward. Interrelationships are key to this course of study and the emphasis is on how the physical, biological, and chemical processes at the earth's surface affect each other. The interdisciplinary nature of environmental earth science will bridge a wide range of interests by incorporating classes in biology, hydrology, hazardous waste management, ecology, and natural resources.

This track is excellent preparation for graduate study in environmental science, but it also provides a strong foundation for work within governmental agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, United States Geological Survey or consulting firms. Additional possibilities are broader involvement in land use through planning, business, policy, law or management. If you are interested in teaching science in elementary or secondary education, this is a great way to obtain a good science foundation. 


Environmental Earth Science Major Requirements

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Course Substitutions

If you want to take a course for your major that is not listed under the major requirements, please follow the process below for a course substitution:

1) Approval from the faculty advisor, Prof. Buffett from the Course Approval Form or an email approval

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Your Environmental Earth Science Faculty Advisor

For more information about specific course and unit requirements please refer to Environmental Earth Science Major Requirements or Prof. Bruce Buffett, the faculty advisor, at 383 McCone Hall, (510) 642-1251 or bbuffett@berkeley.edu. Prof. Buffett does not have set OH. Students are encouraged to stop by his office (383 McCone) or email to set up an appointment. If you would prefer to meet virtually, please email Prof. Buffett to schedule a virtual appointment.

The Environmental Earth Science minor is also offered in EPS. For more information on how to declare the minor, please see here.

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