Name Job title Role
Heather Shaddox Post-Doc
David Shuster Professor Faculty
Doris Sloan Adjunct Professor Emeriti Faculty
Zachary Smith Graduate Student
Dorian Soergel Post-Doc
Daniel Spears Graduate Student
Nadine Spingola-Hutton Director of Student Services Administrative Staff
Daniel Stolper Associate Professor Faculty
Nicholas Swanson-Hysell Associate Professor Faculty
Nathaniel Tarshish Graduate Student
Andrew Tholt Graduate Student
Joseph Tulenko Post-Doc
Andrew Turner Graduate Student
Drew Vaeth Budget Officer Administrative Staff
Mercedes Vasquez PhD Student Graduate Student
Anthony Vitan Director of Facilities, MPS Dean's Office Administrative Staff
Weiqiang Zhu Assistant Professor Faculty
Chi-Yuen Wang Professor of the Graduate School Faculty
Kang Wang Post-Doc
Chen Li Wei Post-Doc